Tuesday, January 10, 2006


More Support Flooding In

In the previous post, we mentioned that this blog has been experiencing technical problems today, which we believe may possibly be linked to the literally overwhelming response we've had in support of John Hemming's leadership campaign.

William, from London, was the latest to email hemmingforleader@yahoo.co.uk to declare his support today, and anybody who shares his, and our, view that John is the ideal candidate for the Liberal Democrat leadership is urged most strongly to do the same!

In addition to the emails we've received, the blog has also attracted 23 messages, over double the number we had yesterday!

Here's a selection of the further expressions of support we've received since yesterday:

"Long live the Liberal Party (led by John Hemming). I can't wait to see a return to the good old days."

"This is a man that is clearly destined for glory. First stop leader of the Lib Dems, next PM!!"

"I am shocked by the lack of publicity for Hemming. He has as much of a chance as Sir Ming, Oaten or Hughes."

"The women of Britain, up and down the length and breadth of the land, are shuddering in anticipation of The Coming of John 'Brummie Sex God' Hemming. How will they ever resist his manly musk?"

"Bill Clinton has got nothing when compared to to the up-standing member from Yardley."

"JH is exactly the person I want as leader of the Lib Dems. Don't be a lemming, jump for Hemming!"

"Clearly one of the most significant politicians of the day."

"JH is the man."

"Your site has persuaded me."

With such a clamour of support for John from the public, there's only one thing we have to add...

John Hemming for Liberal Democrat leader - you know it makes sense!

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