Monday, January 09, 2006


Messages Of Support Flooding In

The momentum building behind the John Hemming bandwagon seems to be unstoppable today, despite his campaign being starved the oxygen of publicity by his jealous rivals and their conspirators in the mass media.

Already Chris, from Twickenham, Middlesex and Dave, from London, have emailed their details to to voice their support for John, and we urge all those who share our view that John is the ideal candidate for the Liberal Democrat leadership to do the same!

In addition to these emails, this blog has already attracted a phenomenal eleven comments! Here's a selection of the expressions of support we've received so far:

"I so hope John decides to run. He's exactly the future the LibDems deserve."

"I do hope that you will run. We need you to sort out the Party. It has now become the nasty party."

"I'm backing John Hemming! Hurrah for Hemming!"

"He's a serious candidate. Self made millionaire, has run companies and a big city. Shagged more women that Ming Campbell (allegedly)."

"We've been backing Hemming from day one."

"What a hunk. He's the man for me!" (He's happily married, I'm afraid - Ed)

"Labour for Hemming!" (Trust me, we are labouring as hard as we can for John - Ed)

"Hemming has my firm support. I believe Lord Ashdown also supports him, despite his rather unconvincing endorsement of Ming this morning."

"This is excellent news!! He is a colossus among pigmies!"

"What a man! I hear that he even drinks a wee bit less than Charlie Kennedy!"

"Please please do give him the job I say."

With such a clamour of support for John from the public, there's only one thing we have to add...

John Hemming for Liberal Democrat leader - you know it makes sense!

The SDP is dead. Long live the Liberal Party (led by John Hemming). I can't wait to see a return to the good old days.
This is a man that is clearly destined for glory. First stop leader of the Lib Dems, next PM!!

I happen to be in possession of several years worth of Christmas cards personally signed by John Hemming himself. If anyone is interested in purchasing a unique piece of British political history, please indicate here. Serious offers over £1.25 only please.
What do you mean, "shagged more women than Ming?" Just not true
Yes, Ming was quite the athlete in his day...
Depends what you mean by women. Have you seen Emily Cox ?

I'd want at least a fiver before I took that off your hands.
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