Thursday, January 12, 2006


Media Update

There were no signs of the media frenzy surrounding John Hemming's leadership bid abating today, as the Daily Telegraph's political editor George Jones breathlessly announced:

"It emerged last night that John Hemming, a back-bench MP considered... for the leadership, has commissioned an opinion poll of party members into whether he has any support."

You can also voice your support for John by emailing without delay!

John Hemming for Liberal Democrat leader - you know it makes sense!

UPDATE: John's leadership bid also received prominent coverage in the Guardian today. For the third day in a row, diarist Hugh Muir lent his support to John's campaign, declaring:

"Lib Dems are becoming excited about John Hemming, the member for Birmingham Yardley and our chosen candidate for the party's leadership. Victory is not yet assured but we are quietly confident."

Did you know that John Hemming could drink Charles Kennedy under the table any day of the week?

I reckon he could even give William "14 pints a day" Hague a run for his money, like Hague he is also full of wind and piss.
And in other departments, we know he also outclasses Tony "five-times-a-night" Blair.

He's certainly some guy.
Don't know why my comment (above) came out as anon- I'm very happy to express my admiration on the record.
I have been looking for sites like this for a long time. Thank you! »
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