Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Media Interest Continues To Grow

John Hemming's ever-growing army of supporters will be delighted at signs today that the mass media is finally being forced to acknowledge John's increasing impact on the Liberal Democrat leadership contest.

Following on from the BBC and the Birmingham Mail yesterday, the Mirror's political correspondent, urging readers to 'vote Libido Dem', was among the first to break ranks from the coverage blackout of John's leadership bid being perpetrated by John's jealous rivals and their media conspirators, reporting that:

"John Hemming was a shock entrant yesterday in the Lib Dem leadership race.

And the married MP, 45, who has fathered a love-child and had at least 26 affairs, claimed his campaign was off to a "flying start".

He said he had the backing of two MPs and a number of constituency associations.

Fellow MPs were astonished to receive an email asking for their support."

These emails clearly demonstrate that John is determined to adopt a proactive approach to his leadership campaign, and his supporters will be pleased that he won't be complacently resting on his laurels.

Speaking of emails, don't forget to voice your support for John's leadership bid by emailing hemmingforleader@yahoo.co.uk without delay!

George Jones, political editor of the Daily Telegraph, was also keen to inform his readers about John's campaign:

"In a surprise move, the little-known backbencher John Hemming, who was only elected to Parliament eight months ago, said he would consider running..."

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the Telegraph, Sophie Brodie's Business Diary, offered even more information about John:

"Colourful Lib Dem MP and entrepreneur John Hemming has been quick to throw his hat into the ring as a potential candidate for party leader.

Hours before Charles Kennedy resigned on Saturday and Sir Menzies Campbell reversed into his leadership bid, Hemming was already merrily chatting about standing.

On his website, he wrote: "If Charles Kennedy wins the leadership election [in which Campbell refused to stand] then I will work with him if he asks me to.

"If, however, I win the leadership election (whether or not Charles pulls out), I will invite him to join my shadow cabinet."

Alongside this generous offer, Hemming sympathised with Kennedy, noting: "Winston Churchill was known to be drunk on many occasions, but people recognise his merits as a leader"."

Over at the Guardian, their political correspondent Tania Branigan was eager to join the chorus of commentators spreading the word about John:

"John Hemming, the MP elected for Birmingham Yardley in May, said he was contemplating standing..."

Her colleague, diarist Hugh Muir, had even more to say:

"We much prefer the claims of John Hemming, the Midlands businessman who would fashion a bold new party using his eight months' experience as a Commons backbencher.

Yesterday on his weblog he reported that nominations for him are flooding in, and little wonder.

Who could resist the claims of a man who, while married with three children, fathered a child with his researcher, thus providing voters with political leadership and soap opera all at the same time."

With the mass media finally giving John's campaign the attention it deserves, the bid to ensure the Liberal Democrats get the leader they deserve can only go from strength to strength!

John Hemming for Liberal Democrat leader - you know it makes sense!

PS Apologies if this post seems incoherent - the blog has been plagued by technical problems all day, causing the original draft of this post to be lost and re-written rather hastily!

The People section on Page 10 of todays Times has a picture of our man, alongside a few other Lib Dems that I fail to recognise.

Go John!
That's a great story. Waiting for more. »
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