Monday, January 09, 2006


Mass Media Begins To Take Notice

Not before time, BBCi has finally acknowledged John Hemming's lurking presence in the Liberal Democrat leadership contest:

"Lib Dem MP John Hemming is trying to get enough support to stand."

Indeed he is, and you can do your bit by emailing to voice your support.

John Hemming for Liberal Democrat leader - you know it makes sense!

UPDATE: The Birmingham Mail has also drawn attention to John's leadership bid today. John is quoted as saying, "if people want me to I will stand". Keep those emails coming folks!

I am shocked by the lack of publicity for Hemming. He has as much of a chance as Sir Ming, Oaten or Hughes.
And not just these. The Mirror is also featuring the Liberal stud, under the headline 'Vote Libido Dem'

MP who has fathered love-child and had 26 affairs enters leadership race

SERIAL adulterer John Hemming was a shock entrant yesterday in the Lib Dem leadership race.

And the married MP, 45, who has fathered a love-child and had at least 26 affairs, claimed his campaign was off to a "flying start".

Last June Mr Hemming said personal assistant Emily Cox, 27, was pregnant with his child. His wife Christine said she would stand by the self-confessed love rat but added the six-year affair was "about number 26".

Birmingham Yardley MP Mr Hemming, a millionaire who campaigned to save the public toilet, needs the support of seven MPs to secure his nomination.
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