Thursday, January 12, 2006


John Hemming - Magnanimous... Or Strategic Genius?

Supporters of John Hemming gained a valuable insight into the character of the man today, as he revealed that he had signed nomination papers for his struggling leadership rival Mark Oaten, and would be prepared to do so for Simon Hughes and Chris Huhne as well.

At first sight, John's support for his rivals might seem baffling, but we believe it speaks volumes about the magnanimity of the man and reflects his genuine desire for him to be seen to become leader by contest, not coronation.

At the same time, it reveals that John is a masterful tactician, as his cunning plan to prop up his ailing rivals in order to split the 'stop Hemming' vote is an unparalleled stroke of strategic genius.

Rest assured that John is still collecting support from his adoring public, and you can voice your support by emailing without delay!

John Hemming for Liberal Democrat leader - you know it makes sense!

Of course our man is a strategic genius!With his high intelligence he is able to see things lost on other lowly mortals.In these last few days many have been dazzled by his brillance and he has been building up support amongst MPs.Of course they are LABOUR MPs. This is part of his long term plan. Of course he isn't worried about this latest sideshow.His long term plan is to take part in and win the LABOUR Party leadership election!!!
Impossible you may say.For a party that has Peter Mandelson as a member anything is possible!
Principles? Since when was New Labour worried about principles! It is all about winning and power!
Trust me, not even Labour would have him.

He's far more use to us as a Liberal Democrat
Trust you!You are about as trust worthy as the forty thieves on a neighbourhood-watch committee!(The Party that gives you FOUR choices of hospice)
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